What if you tried to make wine at home?

by the Joanie Métivier

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DIY – My wine co – What if you tried to make wine at home?

Have you ever wondered how much care and work is needed to produce your nice little bottle of wine you enjoy in the evening?

Wine making in most case is a labor of love, but still labor alright. Working at a vineyard is a highly romanticized career—who doesn’t want to be part of the process of making this delicious grape juice for adults? But it’s hard work. Very hard work!

Yes, we do know it is made from grapes, but what are the stages involved in the process? Wine making is something that has been done from thousands of years. Making wine is not just an art but there is also a lot of science involved in the process. Smallest of mistakes in the process can have a major impact on the final product. First there’s the harvest, the crushing of the grapes, the fermentation, the clarification and the ageing. All of this before bottling. It seems quite simple put like that but it’s a process that takes at least a year, often many, from when the vines start to wake up in spring, to harvest in fall and all the vinification process.

What if I told you, you can try to play around with fermentation at home?

At-home wine-making is a big project altogether. You usually can’t expect fast results. That’s DIY My Wine co. has created an all-in one, winemaking kit. Putting aside the complexity for a fun way to try something new. There’s no bulky equipment or extra space required. You take the base wine, either a Pinot Grigio or a Cabernet Sauvignon, you mix in the ingredients to start the fermentation, you wait, and you get your own 4 liters bag-in-a-box wine. It’s really a simplified way of making wine. It is made to be easy and fun for you, but it’s not at all realistic of what goes on in vineyards really. Unfortunately, life is not as simple as this built-in, all in one recipe.

While you step back and enjoy your self-made wine, I’d like you to be able to think back the winemakers and vine growers out there. Imagine the groups of harvesters bent down in the rows of vines for days. Imagine the barrels forgotten in cellars for years just to let the wine mature. Imagine what happens if there’s a wild fire, hail, frost, storm, drought on those juicy grapes. It’s a whole year of work that is affected.

Wine is not as simple as a DIY, but at least it can be for you.

Bonus: you can even brag about making your own wine to your friends and share it with them if you want to.