One Part Chemistry,

Two Parts Fun, Three Parts Delicious
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There are a lot of things you can do with your time. Obviously, you can practice things like chemistry and expand your mind into possibilities you may have never considered before. You can engage in a hobby, and see what tomorrow might have in store for you. Or, you can honor Dionysus and simply sit back with some wine. But then, what if you could combine all of these enjoyable ways to spend your free time, and do something truly remarkable in the process?

DIY Winemaking Kit - My Wine Co - Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio
When you have a scientific bent, a curious mind, and the urge to dabble, it may be tempting to assume you can’t combine all of these preferences with the ability to have a drink or two. The good news is, you actually can. Unlike back in the old days, you don’t have to pick up a bunch of big, bulky equipment and turn an entire room into a lab to indulge a bit, while keeping your mind stimulated in the process.

The Chemistry

When a person makes wine, they are using the pulp from grapes to ferment in a space. This fermentation process uses bacteria that excrete alcohol, which provides wonderful buzz from any kind of adult beverage. The coloration of a red wine comes from the skins, while the skins are removed and the juice is what you use to make white wine. In either of these cases, you can have something great simply by using a tiny amount of chemistry and a little bit of patience.

While this might not be as satisfying as holding up bubbling test tubes and donning a full set of protective equipment, it can still be very satisfying to know you’re doing something interesting. As well, the wine you make can turn out to be a completely unique variety. While you might not be able to start your own winery off of a small kit, you’ll have a fun story for your guests later on.

The Bragging Rights

When you can make something delicious and fun to indulge in, you have a great start to any entertaining you might do. From the very first moment you bring out some wine, and as everyone tastes it, you get to regale them with the story of how you first began to make your own wine in your own home. If you really want to ham it up, you could even mock up a little lab that looks straight out of Breaking Bad. They will have no idea just how little equipment it actually takes, and will probably end up marveling at your dedication to the craft, especially if they have had a few glasses first.
What’s really cool is DIY My Wine CO. This website lets you pick the type of wine you’re going to make right in your own home. This is an independent, fun, custom way for you to enjoy a great glass. Not to mention, the bragging rights!