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What does the best before date mean? Is that when I need to drink it by?

Nope! That’s the date you need to make your wine by. After it’s made your wine is best enjoyed within 6 months if the foil seal hasn’t been removed from the serving bag spigot. Once you’ve removed the foil seal you should drink your wine within 6 weeks.

My box says, “stays fresh for 6 weeks after opening”. What does that mean?

After you’ve made your wine and removed the foil seal on the serving bag spigot you should drink your wine within 6 weeks. If you don’t drink your wine right away and leave the foil seal intact your wine will stay fresh for 6 months.

After my wine is made do I need to wait to drink it?

No way! You can enjoy your wine right away.

I loved making this wine. Can I make more wine at a time than just 4 L?

Absolutely! We also offer larger winemaking kits that make 30 bottles of wine. Check out our sister site Wild Grapes for the full range including a starter equipment kit to take your winemaking to the next level.

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