Easy Wine Making at Home

by Sarah Vanderkooy
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I love a good DIY project. Simple crafts, easy recipes, home decor; you name it I like to try and make it. I took my hands on skills to a new level this past month and tried my hand at wine making! I received a box of DIY My Wine and dove into the world of wine making.

DIY My Wine pinot grigio box and glass
DIY My Wine is the fast and easy method for making wine at home. This whole process took only 3 weeks and everything I needed was included in the box. I ended up with 4L of delicious pinot grigio that I am pretty proud of. Creative Ramblings – Simple Inspiring ProjectsPlay Video

Here how DIY My Wine works

Get your box here in either pinot grigio or cabernet sauvignon. You can choose from 2 varieties that will please just about anyone.

To begin, I unpacked the box and read through the instructions. Once I was familiar with the contents and how the process would work, I jumped into step one. Be sure to hang onto the box and keep all the items in it until you need them.

DIY My Wine Co Box
DIY My Wine Co box contents
I made sure that I chose a 3 week block where I would be available and not on vacation. Missing an important step would have compromised the quality of the wine.

I set reminders for myself after each step. There were periods where the wine just needed to sit and ferment or settle. When my alarm went off I moved onto the next step.

At the end of the 3 week process, I transferred my wine to the serving bag as directed and put the whole thing back into the original box. Everything I needed for making and serving the wine was included.

Pouring DIY My Wine into a glass
My thoughts on easy wine making at home

This product made the whole process really easy. It’s a great way for a beginner to give wine making a try. I love that the whole process took place in a small corner of my kitchen and didn’t require any additional equipment.

If you are a DIYer this product is for you. I enjoy making my own crafts and decor, so why not branch out into recipes and wine!

how to make wine at home with DIY My Wine Co
Looking for a gift? Grab a box of DIY My Wine and gift it to a fellow wine lover.

Pick up a box of DIY My Wine on Amazon and send it to your favorite hands on friends. I really enjoyed trying this and the end result is delicious. I know a few DIYers who would love to try this. Add a bow and this box makes the perfect gift.

how to gift wine with DIY My Wine Co
Have you ever made your own wine? If you tried this kit would you start with red or white wine?

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