DIY Winemaking

by the American Wine Girl
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DIY Winemaking with My Wine Co.

DIY Winemaking with My Wine Co.

I recently tried out the My Wine Co. DIY winemaking kit and wanted to share the process with you guys! Not only is it fun and easy, but you learn some basics of the wine making process and how it works.

These are all of the contents you will receive in your package.
These are all of the contents you will receive in your package.

In the picture above, those are the materials you will receive if you are making Cabernet Sauvignon. They also have the option to make Pinot Grigio. You will receive two bags (one for fermenting and one for serving), the grape juice, packets of additives like yeast, oak, etc., and the box. Be sure to keep the box because that is what you will serve your wine in when its finished.

First you will want to pour all of the grape juice into the fermenting bag. Next, get ready to add in the oak, yeast, and bentonite. After its added to the fermenting bag, make sure to shake it all up! After this, let it sit and do NOT tighten the cap. This is so that CO2 can escape during fermentation. Now you wait for 11 days as this juice turns into wine!

Winemaking magic is happening!
Winemaking magic is happening!

After the 11 days, you will add the Sulphite/Sorbate. Tighten the cap and shake the bag, then loosen the cap to let the gas escape. Do this five times. After that, add Keiselsol, shake, and wait one hour. Then add Chitosan, shake, and loosen cap. You’ll now leave it undisturbed for 5 more days.

After those last five days, you are basically there! Follow the instructions about releasing sediment and then transfer your wine into the serving bag. Once you do this, you can then put the bag in the box for serving!

Voila! By then end of the 16 days, you have made your own wine! The best part about this is it’s mess free and you have a generous serving of wine to enjoy over the next 6 weeks.

If you want to try this at home, check out the DIY Winemaking Kit here.